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Lazy Meatball Dinner

When I saw these lean beef meatballs on offer in the supermarket I knew I had to have them!

This ended up being a perfect lazy weeknight dinner.

Easy Meatballs and Pasta

These meatballs had cooking instructions for the oven rather than on the hob so I added them to a dish and placed in the oven for 20 minutes.


In order to keep things speedy I turned to this jar of pasta sauce and added to a pan to heat.


When the meatballs were cooked I added them into the pasta sauce and stirred in some fresh spinach to wilt.


Served over brown pasta with a sprinkle of parmesan and a twist of black pepper.


Voila! Easy pasta and meatballs!



Some ideas…

I was looking through the pictures on my camera this morning and realised that there were lots of ideas which I haven’t had a chance to show you yet.

So here is a quick ideas post for you…


French Toast with berries and yogurt

Made using cinnamon raisin bread, egg, milk and cinnamon. Topped with strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt and honey.


Cereal, berries and yogurt

One of my favourite brekkies to take to work. The yogurt is much more filling than milk on the cereal. This is Special K, Greek yogurt and blueberries.


Cereal, milk and berries

This time I had Shreddies, skimmed milk and strawberries.



Tuna Melt Panini

Season a tin of tuna as liked (I like to mix in some sweet chilli sauce) and add mozzarella cheese for melty cheesy goodness! Toast on a Panini grill.


Served with grapes, blueberries and cucumbers. DSC03222 

Cheesy English Muffins

Lightly toast an English Muffin, then add cheese (and I like Worcestershire sauce). Top with halved cherry tomatoes and grill.



Salad Bar

I was excited to find that my local supermarket has installed a salad bar. This was a great speedy lunch.


Served with a fresh buttered slice of bread.



Slow Cooker Casserole

Look at our new toy!!


I have been wanting one of these for ages and we finally got around to getting one earlier this month. I figure that it will really come into its own when I go on maternity leave in October and after the baby comes I will be able to make some nice warming dinners with little effort in the kitchen.

For my first cooking attempt I made a chicken stew. Chicken, carrots, potato, onion, swede and leeks. Plus a couple of small dumplings – not healthy but they really make this dinner!

DSC03302 DSC03303

This was a great dinner – really tasty. I can’t wait to experiment more with the slow cooker.

Hope you enjoyed these quick ideas!


A Great Sunday

Today has been such a great day that I just had to blog it! Hubby and I have been getting organised at home to prepare for our new arrival on 1st November, and today we completed one of the most important steps!

Despite planning a lie in, I woke up bright and early at 6.45. I lay in bed for a while waiting for hubby to wake up, and while I lay there I was entertained by baby kicking around inside me. It gave me the hardest kicks so far and when hubby woke up around 7.30 he was able to feel them for definite for the first time!

After a quick shower we headed down for breakfast.


A toasted sesame seed bagel with lf cream cheese and strawberry jam. Love this combination! Accompanied this with a large glass of water for a perfect start to the day!

Soon after we headed into town for some shopping. We checked out the Next sale for baby clothes but were left empty handed 😦

We did manage to pick up a couple of things in H&M so all was not lost! While we were out we stopped at Starbucks for a break.


I had a skinny decaf latte and split the low fat lemon and poppyseed muffin with the hubby. I usually have vanilla syrup in this drink but really enjoyed the flavour of the coffee coming through without the syrup.

After a bit more shopping and a few chores we headed headed across town to the DIY shop. We were getting peckish by then so decided to head to the Barn Owl for some lunch.

I didn’t really fancy anything on the main menu so decided to take advice from some bloggie friends and order a starter and a salad.

photo 1

I got the Tempura Prawns which came with a plum dipping sauce and bread, and a side salad.

photo 2

photo 3

Loved this idea. The salad was quite generous and with the prawns made a great light lunch. Must do this more often! Especially loved the plum dipping sauce.

We had one more shop to head to after lunch. We saw a great swinging crib in the sale a few days ago and after some measuring up at home we were ready to buy. We already have a cotbed for the nursery but decided that we wanted to have baby in our room for a while before it moves into the nursery. We were thinking of a moses basket but this offer is amazing and makes the crib a similar price (plus its super cute!) so we decided to go for it.

Only problem was, when we went to buy there were none in stock so we have had to order it! Its a bit annoying but at least we still get it for the same price. Now we just need to pick out some cute bedding.

When we got home we decided to spend some more time in the nursery. The big job was putting up the cotbed which was an exciting moment for us. It really makes the nursery look complete!

photo 2

Can’t wait until there is a little baby to put in the cot!

Now settled down with our tea watching Finding Nemo! I’m having a Chicken and bacon toasted sandwich.


Off to watch the rest of the film now – hope you are having a good Sunday!

Could it be magic?

What a whirlwind week its been! And the weekend hasn’t been much better – I can’t believe its Sunday Evening already as I sit here blogging!

The reason it has gone so fast is that we actually only had a three day week at work last week. We took Wednesday and Thursday off and went up to Wembley to see Take That in concert!! We were really excited to be seeing the band but also to visit Wembley Stadium which we haven’t been to since it was rebuilt.

We drove up on Wednesday morning. As we were making good progress on the motorway we decided to stop for a couple of hours in Reading to stretch our legs and have some refreshments.

As it was such a warm day, a Starbucks seemed like a good idea 🙂

DSC00883I had a Caramel Light Frappuccino with no cream and snacked on this little biscuit I had been carrying around in my bag!

DSC00884Sorry for the dark pic!! After this we popped into John Lewis to have a look around and stumbled upon the perfect gift for the Best Man at our wedding! After that success we jumped back in the car and headed up to Watford to check into our hotel for the night. From the hotel it was just a 25 minute train ride to Wembley. As we got out of the station we joined the massive crowds all making their way to the Stadium.

DSC00882We could see the distinctive arch from the train so knew we were close. H2B commented several times that the women far outnumbered the men and he was right! The crowds steadily grew as we waited and the atmosphere was amazing!

DSC00881The concert itself was amazing and really elaborate – there were circus performers all over the stage and the band even rode unicycles!!

Another shot of the arch after dark!

DSC00870We headed back to the hotel and fell into bed. We were exhausted! The following day we drove back home and had a meeting with our wedding caterer which was fun. We went through the final plans for the day and tied up some lose ends 🙂 In fact I’ve just realised the wedding is 2 months today!!

I was still feeling tired by Saturday so I decided my breakfast should be designed to boost my energy. There was only one option – a Green Monster 🙂

DSC00879This was spinach, frozen banana, soy milk, ice cubes and a touch of honey which added a really nice sweetness to the drink. Can you see the Otter on the glass? We got this pint glass from a local brewery and its a favourite! I enjoyed this so much that I repeated it this morning 🙂 I felt full of energy after this!

Lunch today was another favourite – Brie and bacon panini which I ate with some root vegetable crisps and cherry tomatoes

DSC00878How yummy does this look???

DSC00876We had a really productive day around the house today. I rearranged some of the kitchen cupboards and moved some things around so its now easier to find things – its amazing what lurks at the back of the cupboards 🙂

Dinner today was a favourite – Roast Chicken

DSC00888Served with carrots, peas, baked sweet potato and a little bit of stuffing. This was the perfect end to a great day. Now I’m catching up on blogs while watching tv.

Recipe Idea – Blue Macaroni Cheese with Spinach

A few days ago I had a real craving for some comfort food and thought instantly of macaroni cheese – a childhood favourite! But I knew I wanted to jazz it up a bit so here is what I came up with:

Blue Macaroni Cheese with spinach


I started with a simple white sauce (butter, flour and milk) and while this was thickening I cooked the macaroni. When the sauce was ready I stirred in some grated cheddar and leftover blue cheese. I also wilted some baby spinach and squeezed out all the liquid.

When everything was ready I mixed it all together in a pan and poured into a dish. On top I sprinkled some breadcrumbs to provide a bit of crunch and chucked in the oven for 20 minutes until the topping was crispy.

Serve with garlic bread – yummy!!

Sunday – Update

Just a quick message today as we are quite busy. We go to the car boot sale at around 6.40am and set up our stall. The weather was glorious and we sold loads of bits and pieces. In total we made £180 and hardly brought anything back with us so the morning was a huge success.

Right now we are chilling out watching the season finale of Heroes, and later we are off to my future MIL’s for a roast dinner – Lamb I think!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday 

Jo xx


Welcome to the first post of my blog! How exciting!!! 

I don’t like introduction posts (you can read some of my background on my About page) so I will just dive into blogging my days. Feel free to ask any questions you want in the comments.

So today was a chilled out Sunday. Brunch was croissants with jam and coffee with the Sunday papers this morning – blissful! Then I spent a couple of hours pottering around the house catching up on chores. What fun! 

Then off to the supermarket for a mammoth shopping trip as we seemed to be running low on everything. Maybe I’ll start doing some posts to show you some of my favourite products that i buy regularly. Is that the sort of thing people are interested in? Let me know!

Dinner tonight was pork chops (fat removed before cooking) with dry roasted potatoes, carrots, green beans and gravy – yummy.  I don’t have a working digital camera at the moment, but when I do I will play around with photographing some of my meals for you too see. I am sure that the act of showing you all will encourage me to create balanced, healthy meals presented beautifully!

Hope you enjoyed my first post. See you tomorrow!

Jo xx