My Dieting History

As a child, I never had a problem with weight. I was healthy, fit and active, although I did have a large appetite! By my late teens a bit of weight had crept on but nothing I was really worried about. In my first year of university I lost all my extra weight through a combination of terrible catering in my halls of residence, and a long walk up a steep hill from halls to the campus every day. My Summer Ball photos from that year represent my slimmest photos ever! That night was also my first date with my Uni boyfriend, who is now my husband!

For the second and third years we lived in shared houses with friends. We ate fairly healthily and all enjoyed preparing meals for each other, but gradually a little weight crept on. By January 2003, a couple of months before I graduated, I weighed 13 stone, 3lbs. I was unhappy with my weight at that time and decided to join Weight Watchers (for the first time!). I stuck with it for about 6 weeks and lost 10lbs but this soon crept back on. After graduation I moved in with my boyfriend and we both started full time jobs. The combination of diving into full time work and taking on a house took its toll. We got lazy with cooking and would regularly get takeaways through the week. Around the same time I started to suffer from depression, brought on by a couple of family bereavements in a short space of time. It took all my strength to get through each day at work, and by the time I came home in the evenings neither of us could be bothered to cook. I now realise that eating that way added to both my depression and fatigue!

Over the next couple of years I started countless diets but could never stick at them. I tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, calorie counting and any quick fix featured in a glossy magazine. My weight yoyo-ed but kept going up.

In June 2007, I applied for a promotion at work. I recall shopping for an outfit for the interview and realising that even the size 18s were getting tight. I went for the interview in a poorly fitting suit and felt terrible. I remember coming home that night and crying because I felt sure they wouldn’t offer me the job. That day I resolved to lose the excess weight and immediately joined Weight Watchers. I was horrified to discover I weighed 16stone 2lbs and knew this time I had to succeed.

My confidence was boosted 10 days later when I found out I had got the promotion. This gave me the self belief that made this diet different. I lost weight slowly but steadily and by November 2008 I had lost almost 4 stone. By this time my boyfriend and I were engaged and our wedding was planned for September 2009. In November I went wedding dress shopping and found my dream dress. It fitted like a glove and I was so happy with it that I decided to order it there and then, and so decided to maintain my weight (12 stone 3lbs) until after the wedding.

My biggest motivation in weight loss is to improve my health. In October 2009 hubby and I started to try for a baby and almost immediately I found myself pregnant. We were delighted! Unfortunately in December 2009 I miscarried the baby at 9 weeks which was devastating. However we picked ourselves up and in November 2010 I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Lily. 2 months later I decided to join Weight Watchers to lose the last few stone to put me in my healthy weight range for the first time in 10 years!


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