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September 2010 Mini Goals

Can you believe September is here already?

I am 7 months pregnant today and we have exactly 2 months to go until our due date. Doesn’t sound long does it?

I wanted to set some mini goals for the next month to help me stay focused and not panic too much about what we have left to do!

In September I would like to…

  1. Make a list for my hospital bag and make sure I have everything I need.
  2. List everything we still need to buy for baby, and get most of it!
  3. Finish work!! (My last day is the 1st October so technically not quite this month).
  4. Tidy the garden
  5. Organise the nursery
  6. Organise the spare room
  7. Grocery challenge to help us save some money
  8. Create a budget for my maternity leave

So quite a lot to do then. Expect some updates on these as the month goes on.