Indoor BBQ

What’s happened to summer?? It’s the middle of August and the weather here is not summery in the least! The rain hasn’t stopped all day. Oh well, at least it saves watering the garden!

Luckily tonight’s dinner was a great way to cheer us up – an indoor BBQ!!

Under the grill tonight was this delicious lamb and mint burger which I picked up from the farm shop over the weekend. Yummy!


Served in a bun (white – oops!) with salad, coleslaw and baby jacket spuds. We picked up these cute Rooster potatoes in the supermarket at the weekend and I decided that baking them would work best with tonight’s dinner. What a great idea for a work day dinner! The baked potatoes were perfectly soft with crispy skins after just 50 minutes in the oven at 200. Much quicker than a standard jacket spud.


Loved the fresh flavours in this and really enjoyed the salad too. Not sure why I have been off salads for a while – maybe a hangover from early pregnancy where my sickness stopped me from enjoying any fruits and salads. But at least I have rediscovered them now. It’s strange how my tastes have changed through pregnancy. From the carb cravings leading up to 12 weeks, to dairy cravings around weeks 12-18, and now back onto real foods (and plenty of them!).

I have read a couple of articles recently about body image and weight gain in pregnancy and have some really strong views on the subject. I’ll save them for another post, but what I will say is that this pregnancy is the first time in my life that I have really trusted my body – and I’m loving it. I am eating more, but my weight gain is well within guidelines, so I am happy to go with it. And that goes for eating what I fancy, as well as when. So some full fat dairy has crept in, carbs are up, and desserts feature more often than they used to. I figure I need the energy and as long as my weight gain is ok, I am happy to roll with it!

Off to my first NCT antenatal class tonight – feeling excited but nervous! Wish me luck!



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