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A Great Sunday

Today has been such a great day that I just had to blog it! Hubby and I have been getting organised at home to prepare for our new arrival on 1st November, and today we completed one of the most important steps!

Despite planning a lie in, I woke up bright and early at 6.45. I lay in bed for a while waiting for hubby to wake up, and while I lay there I was entertained by baby kicking around inside me. It gave me the hardest kicks so far and when hubby woke up around 7.30 he was able to feel them for definite for the first time!

After a quick shower we headed down for breakfast.


A toasted sesame seed bagel with lf cream cheese and strawberry jam. Love this combination! Accompanied this with a large glass of water for a perfect start to the day!

Soon after we headed into town for some shopping. We checked out the Next sale for baby clothes but were left empty handed 😦

We did manage to pick up a couple of things in H&M so all was not lost! While we were out we stopped at Starbucks for a break.


I had a skinny decaf latte and split the low fat lemon and poppyseed muffin with the hubby. I usually have vanilla syrup in this drink but really enjoyed the flavour of the coffee coming through without the syrup.

After a bit more shopping and a few chores we headed headed across town to the DIY shop. We were getting peckish by then so decided to head to the Barn Owl for some lunch.

I didn’t really fancy anything on the main menu so decided to take advice from some bloggie friends and order a starter and a salad.

photo 1

I got the Tempura Prawns which came with a plum dipping sauce and bread, and a side salad.

photo 2

photo 3

Loved this idea. The salad was quite generous and with the prawns made a great light lunch. Must do this more often! Especially loved the plum dipping sauce.

We had one more shop to head to after lunch. We saw a great swinging crib in the sale a few days ago and after some measuring up at home we were ready to buy. We already have a cotbed for the nursery but decided that we wanted to have baby in our room for a while before it moves into the nursery. We were thinking of a moses basket but this offer is amazing and makes the crib a similar price (plus its super cute!) so we decided to go for it.

Only problem was, when we went to buy there were none in stock so we have had to order it! Its a bit annoying but at least we still get it for the same price. Now we just need to pick out some cute bedding.

When we got home we decided to spend some more time in the nursery. The big job was putting up the cotbed which was an exciting moment for us. It really makes the nursery look complete!

photo 2

Can’t wait until there is a little baby to put in the cot!

Now settled down with our tea watching Finding Nemo! I’m having a Chicken and bacon toasted sandwich.


Off to watch the rest of the film now – hope you are having a good Sunday!