Catching up

Wow the last few weeks have been crazy – time is flying by and its hard to believe I am 19 weeks pregnant already! Almost half way through my pregnancy 🙂


The bump is developing nicely!

The background in this photo is the caravan in Hastings where we spent last week with my parents, sister and niece. We got lots of Auntie and Uncle time which was great practice 🙂

I’ve not been too organised lately with food so now we are back we are trying to get back to basics.

Dinner last night, was a comforting favourite, quiche and Caesar salad.


I used a low fat Caesar salad kit from Tesco and heated up some leftover Quiche Lorraine. Yummy and comforting!

While we were away, I treated myself to a new lunch bag – isn’t it cool! Today I loaded it up with a yummy packed breakfast and lunch.


For breakfast, I had a Total 0% Greek Yogurt, Special K and sliced strawberries. I also packed 2 Babybel Lights, apple, dried apricots and a cinnamon raisin cookie. Missing from the picture is a turkey salad and mayo sandwich which I ate for lunch.

I seem to have a need to snack all day at the moment! I’m trusting my body and going with it, which seems to be working well.

Oh and look at these flowers that my mother in law bought me this weekend.


Aren’t they beautiful? They are really brightening up the kitchen at the moment, which is a blessing as the weather outside is really miserable at the moment.

Lets hope it brightens up soon 🙂



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