Leftovers Pizza

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So dinner last night was pizza as planned. We had leftovers of chicken fajita filling from Friday and I fancied trying it as a pizza topping.


I used a basic pizza base mix and topped with some tomato sauce, grated mozzerella and the leftover chicken fajita mix (chicken, peppers and onions).

After 12 minutes in a hot oven the result was amazing!


Loved this topping – it was so much more interesting than my usual toppings. I plan to try leftovers on pizzas more often!

Do you have any interesting pizza toppings to share?

As planned we also sat down to watch Food Inc. I loved this film and will talk about it more in a separate post. I want to digest the info a bit more before I review it.

I had a bit of a treat to snack on with the film


A small glass of Pom with soda, some bitesize hazelnut wafers and some Mikado sticks (love these) – kinda like cracker coated in chocolate. Mmm!

We had a bit of a lie in this morning (isn’t that what Sundays are for??) and came down for a leisurely breakfast

I had planned a Green Monster smoothie but came down to find no spinach in the fridge (hubby had used it up yesterday and not told me!)

Instead I settled for a banana, raspberry and pom smoothie


Frozen banana, handful of frozen raspberries, splash of Pom juice and some milk. Loved this combination – the Pom added a great kick!

I also had a small bowl of 0% Greek Yogurt topped with Granola.


Loved this breakfast combo – and it kept me full right through the morning.

Been blitzing the housework this morning. We have plans to head out to look for a new curtain rail after lunch. Yep, that’s how exciting our life is sometimes!



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