Fajita Friday!

Another week over and I’m really excited that it’s the weekend! I grabbed a filling breakfast of greek yogurt, blueberries and cereal which I paired with a cup of tea to keep me full through the morning.

My mid-morning snack called to me around 11am – one of these dark chocolate coated organic rice cakes for just 53 calories. I love these things, if I close my eyes I could imagine I am eating a chocolate biscuit and they really hit the spot for a chocolate craving!


A mini crisis at work meant that lunchtime rolled around before I knew it. My darling hubby had prepared me a cheddar, lettuce and cucumber sarnie on granary bread. Yum yum! I can’t remember the last time I had a cheese sandwich! Sometimes the simple things are the best 🙂 I also snacked on some cherry tomatoes and grapes.

Mid afternoon I dug into a yogurt and apple which I ate while de-cluttering my desk! We are having a move around in our office in a couple of weeks so I took the opportunity to sort through my in-tray and get rid of some old paperwork. I also started a to-do list for next week, I think its going to be a busy one!

We decided this morning that we would have Friday Fajitas for dinner so defrosted some chicken while we were at work.


I made the fajita filling with 2 chicken breasts, a yellow, green and red pepper and on onion. I put everything in the middle of the table for us to help ourselves to!


I had two tortilla wraps like the one below – loads of fajita mix, salsa, some  refried beans and a small sprinkle of cheese. Yum!


Now sitting down to catch up on some tv. Lost is on Sky 1 tonight – we are only a couple of days behind you guys in America! Also may watch another episode of Glee – I have really got into this and am loving the music too (off to visit iTunes for some downloads 🙂 )

We don’t have any major plans for this weekend except sorting out the spare room ready for my family to visit on Friday. Great excuse for a major spring clean and it’s a mini workout too! Also hoping to try out the Wii Fit Plus which we got earlier this week. It looks even better than the Wii Fit so hopefully will burn off some calories there!

Oh and I may have a little giveaway up my sleeve over the next few days…..

I may also be watching Food Inc this weekend which I am really looking forward to – stay tuned for my thoughts.



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