Back to work

Yesterday was my first day back at work after being ill last week. It was hard to concentrate all day but I was glad to be back in a ‘normal’ routine!

I’m going back to basics this week in an effort to kick start my weight loss and boost my health. When I’m not feeling well, the temptation is to eat what I think will make me feel better, not necessarily what is healthiest for me. Can anyone honestly say that with a head cold and sore throat, salad is what they fancy? For me it is toast and butter, biscuits and icecream which appeal. And you know what? I ate it! Jumping on the scales last night showed that I had stayed the same since last week, which I was ok with given the circumstances!

But now that I am feeling better I am back on track!

Breakfast this morning was a tub of Total 0% Greek Yogurt with a HEB of cereal, plus a cup of tea. I ate this over the course of about 45 minutes at my desk, between reading emails.

This kept me satisfied through til my (earlier than usual!) lunch at 12.15. As I haven’t yet made it to the supermarket for this week, lunch needed to be bought in the canteen. I went for a granary sandwich (no spread) with chicken, lettuce, cucumber and a little salad cream. I paired this with a bag of Sainsburys BGTY pretzels.

I snacked more this afternoon, on a yogurt, apple and cereal bar, along with another cup of tea!

I love how full I stay when I snack and could never be someone who doesn’t snack!

For dinner tonight I grabbed a jar of low fat curry sauce and added some cooked chicken and fresh spinach. Served with boiled rice this was a quick and tasty weeknight dinner


I popped out to the supermarket after dinner and look what I found!


Looking forward to trying some Pom juice in front of the telly later tonight.



One response to “Back to work

  1. Congrats on your weight loss and kudos for continuing your path! Let us know how you find the POM juice, you might also try cooking with it!

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