Weekly Round-up… busy week!

I thought it would be fun to write a round-up post to share what I have been reading this week, introduce you to new blogs and share my favourite finds of the week!

This week has been really busy for me and a little nerve wracking as I made a lot of changes on the blog (see here for more info). I have struggled with eating well at times this week as I have been out of my routine and my plans for a couple of nights this week had to be changed at short notice. I’ve already planned time at the weekend to sit and meal plan for next week so hopefully I won’t have the same issues again!

Next Wednesday is my Birthday so I’m going out for Sunday lunch with the family tomorrow. This won’t be easy as the restaurant we are going to does amazing puds! I’ve decided to be careful with my main (not a fan of roast potatoes anyway so will stick to the meat and veggies!). That way I can splash out on desert and not feel guilty (it is my birthday after all). Not sure yet if I will be out again on my actual Birthday but if so I may do the same again 🙂

Blog Roundup:

Living Life the Extra Easy Way has now become Slimming Eats. This was the first Slimming World blog I found and is packed with great recipes and photos. Loving the look of this Mexican Chicken dish and hope to try it for myself soon!

Over on Ronisweigh this week, Roni is talking nudity(!) and self acceptance. Wise words as usual. Also loved this Weight Watchers comic strip – so true!

I also picked up on some feel good factor from Operation Beautiful. If you haven’t seen this website before you have to look!


What I’m reading… The Writers Tale, Russell T Davies & Benjamin Cook  Am loving this insight into the writing of one of my favourite shows!

What I’m listening to… Florence + the Machine

What I’m watching… Brand new 24 – 4 episodes in and I am hooked!

What I’m eating… Really getting into yogurts as a snack at work. The Shape Fuller For Longer yogurts (free on SW) really keep me full through the 4pm lull!

What I’m planning… Weekend break at Centerparcs booked for March – I can’t wait!




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