Product Pick: Quorn Italian Style Balls


Since starting Slimming World earlier this month I have been eating a lot more Quorn products as many of them are free foods on SW. Last week in the supermarket I noticed these ‘Italian Meatballs’ in the frozen section and thought I would give them a try. The balls count as a free food on SW meaning that you can eat them freely.

At only 71 calories for a quarter of the bag, they make a great alternative to real meatballs and there is very little fat either!!

Italian style Balls Nutrition Information

There were 18 balls in the bag so I cooked up 9, 5 for hubby and 4 for me.

According to the packet, they can be fried, oven baked or microwaved. I chose to oven bake them as I’m lazy (not sure I like the idea of microwaving them!). They got a little crispy on the outside which I liked, so would definitely oven bake again.

I served the balls for a quick weekday meal with pasta, tomato pasta sauce and a HEA of parmesan. The whole meal only took about 20 minutes to cook and serve!


I served the dish with some sweetcorn and a small piece of bread. I really enjoyed these Quorn Italian balls,. They had a herby taste and a nice texture. Another time I would try a few chilli flakes in the sauce to increase the flavour of the whole dish.

These make a great freezer standby for a quick weekday meal!


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