What is Slimming World?

It occurred to me that some people may not be familiar with the Slimming World plan so I will briefly talk about what it is and why I like it. Slimming World has a choice of plans which can be followed on a daily basis. So far I have only used the Extra Easy plan so this is the one I will talk about.

The Extra Easy plan is made up of three elements. First is the free foods, a list of basic foods from which you can eat freely for meals and snacks. This includes all lean meats and fish, Quorn, pasta, rice, fruit and vegetables (including potatoes) and some very low fat dairy products. This list makes up the majority of your food intake.

On top of this you can have two Healthy Extra choices per day, one from the ‘A’ list (milk, cheese etc) and one from the ‘B’ list (bread, cereals etc). Amounts of these foods need to be measured.

Finally, comes the Syns. All other food items are assigned a Syn value and you can have 5-15 syns per day. Examples of foods I would syn are mayonnaise, chocolate, alcohol, crisps etc.

You are actively encouraged to eat plenty on Slimming World, and to focus on free foods. On Extra Easy, 1/3 of your plate at each meal should be made up of Super Free foods which are most fruits and vegetables. This will keep you full and satisfied, and minimise the need to snack.

I love that hubby and I can eat the same foods on Slimming World and that I don’t have to measure all the ingredients. There is lots of variety and I can snack when I feel hungry. Using Syns means that you never need to feel deprived – if you want chocolate, you can have it!


2 responses to “What is Slimming World?

  1. Sounds like a good & sound plan! So how much chocolate = 1 syn? Just for my reference…

    • Well 1 chunk of a standard Dairy Milk bar is 2 syns! So the whole 6 chunk bar is 12!! Hoping to find some lower alternatives – or learn to eat chocolate in moderation 🙂

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