Let it snow!

Yay its finally snowed here in Devon! While the rest of the UK has experienced snowfall over the last couple of weeks the south-west has always missed out… until today!

This was the scene that greeted my when I woke up this morning!

DSC02514 DSC02515

2-3 inches of clean, fresh snow! While heading out to clear the car, hubby and I couldn’t resist messing about in the garden 🙂

DSC02525These are the tiniest snowmen I have ever seen 🙂

Having cleared the snow off the car and defrosted the windows, the roads weren’t too bad. Just a bit slushy. I guess its tomorrow that could be fun if the slush freezes!?

Having made it to work I realised that not all of my colleagues have been so lucky! There was hardly anyone in at 8am and although a few more had made it by 10am we were still very thin on the ground!

Eating-wise the snow was very bad news! As a thank you to the staff who made it in our bosses provided bacon sandwiches 🙂 Normally I would be happy to resist but I was so cold this morning that I caved straight away!

And the day carried on really slowly as all my meetings were cancelled and I kept getting distracted by watching the snow falling. I left work around 4 to make sure I made it home ok and have enjoyed being in my nice warm house drinking hot tea since then.

The forcecast is for –6 overnight so who knows what the conditions will be like tomorrow!


2 responses to “Let it snow!

  1. Yay for snow (but not too much)!

  2. Ahh I love that first sense of excitement with fresh snow! We had a little too much snow/freezing over here, so I’m glad it’s melted now. It’s still very magical, isn’t it?

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