Sunny Saturday

Today was a beautifully sunny day in Devon and we knew as soon as we opened the curtains that we would need to enjoy it by the sea! I started the morning with a quick breakfast of Total 0% Greek Yogurt, granola, honey and a cup of tea.


I loved this combination & I’m sure my festive mug makes the tea taste better!

The rest of the morning was spent sorting and tidying at home (we haven’t had much time at home since Xmas so I had pressie boxes to unpack). By lunchtime we had worked up an appetite so out came the Panini press!


Brie and bacon panini with Sour Cream Pretzel hoops, cherry tomatoes and grapes.

   DSC02463 DSC02464

Then off to the seaside!!


The sun was shining so bright and low that it gave us some dramatic shots

DSC02468 DSC02483

We had a long walk along the front and ended up at a cafe to warm up having climbed Jacobs Ladder to reach it


At the Clock Tower I enjoyed a Latte and we shared a slice of Millionaires Shortbread

DSC02495 DSC02494


After a visit to the supermarket we headed home and prepped dinner – sausages, dry roasted potatoes, carrots, green beans and gravy.

DSC02498 All washed down with a glass of White Zinfandel.

Off to watch some Saturday night tv with anther glass of wine! See you tomorrow. Only one more day of the holidays left – back to work on Monday 😦


One response to “Sunny Saturday

  1. Ahhh the sea, ’tis so wonderful! I love being close to the seaside, it’s just so refreshing. Yummy eats!

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