Joining the gym?

I was really pleased to get some positive feedback on yesterdays post – Own Your Choices. It seems that many of you could relate to the message and felt similar to me. Keep your comments and emails coming!

I have been thinking about one particular choice for a few days now. I have been a member of a gym in town since March and between March and August I would go regularly. But since the wedding I haven’t made it there once! Not a good use of 30 quid per month!

I started thinking about the reasons I wasn’t going. The main ones were having to drive across town (15 minutes) to get there and the fact that I would rather spend quality time with Hubby. I know that I enjoy the gym when I get there but it can be a struggle to get the motivation to go.

Hubby and I were talking about this a few days ago and I asked whether he would want to join and come with me. I think that we would give each other the kick up the backside to go. While we were talking about this a leaflet came through the door for a gym closer to home. Its about a 5 minute drive from home and we wouldn’t have to hit any of the rush hour traffic. The leaflet included an offer of no joining fee so we have decided to head over for a look later tonight.

If we like it we’ll join – a good example of beating the excuses by finding a better option!

Christmas Countdown:

Day 3:

Today was always going to be a tricky day with an all day review meeting at work with some external partners. I was at the mercy of the provided food so here are my eats for the day. Although it may not look pretty I managed to keep the portions small and ended up eating around 1600 calories for the day so I am pleased 🙂

Food Diary

  • Breakfast: Sausage baguette
  • Snack: 2 biscuits and a coffee
  • Lunch: Slice of broccoli quiche with salad
  • Dinner: Smoked salmon and cream cheese pasta, salad

I’ll be back later to tell you how we got on at the gym!


One response to “Joining the gym?

  1. Good luck tonight, enjoy the gym! I think it would be great if you and your husband joined together. Great motivation!

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