I’ve got a new toy

I had a much better start to today as I remembered to set my alarm last night! Again I had part prepared my work food last night (I’m loving being so organised!) so it didn’t take long to get ready.

I used up the last of the box of Special K this morning with skimmed milk and 1 slice of granary toast picked up at the canteen. This is a bit of a compromise between preparing my whole breakfast at home and buying at work. I don’t find the cereal on its own keeps me full so the addition of the toast tides me over nicely!

I had quite a quiet day at work today but from the sounds of things my week is going to get very hectic very quickly! I have heard a whisper that a paper I was due to write for the end of November is now going to be needed by senior management for a meeting on the 23rd. That means it will need to have gone through a couple of reviews and revisions by this date so I need to crack on with it ASAP. Unfortunately the figures I need to write it aren’t available today so I can’t make a start. I have requested them and they should be ready for tomorrow morning so that’s when the hard work will begin.

I realised today that I haven’t introduced you yet to my newest piece of tech!

Meet my new Netbook.

DSC02191 DSC02194

I love this thing! Now I can use Live Writer to blog anywhere! It’s lightweight enough to be portable (look out for blogging on the go) and can travel with us too. Its also great for using around the house (I don’t always want to sit in the study to blog or surf the internet). As you can see in this pic I am blogging in the bedroom as the lounge is too cold!

I’m running Windows 7 on the Netbook and I really like it. Is anyone else using it?

Blogger Question Time

I’m starting an occasional series of posts where my favourite bloggers will be subjected to my 10 killer questions on their food, exercise and blogging habits. Any volunteers to be my first subject?

If you’re interested drop me an email or leave a comment and I’ll send you details.


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2 responses to “I’ve got a new toy

  1. I am always open for questioning 🙂

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