Wedding Presents!!

Guess what!! Our wedding presents have been delivered!

DSC02171As you can see my lounge has turned into a parcel storage warehouse! Hubby stayed home Friday morning to wait for the courier who finally arrived around 12.30pm! I was so impatient to get home from work on Friday so that I could start to unpack the presents – it’s just like Christmas!

Our original plan of slowly unpacking over a number of days went out the window and we went crazy with unpacking the gifts!

Our new dinner service:



I used one of my new bowls for breakfast this morning.


Special K, banana and milk. Yummy and kept me full til a late lunch. We headed out to a local restaurant for Sunday lunch today – perfect! Its been a busy weekend with lots of DIY and re-organising to fit the new gifts in. We have 2 huge boxes of old stuff to send to the charity shop tomorrow.


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