Full Freezer

Last week (while I was MIA!) we had a freezer disaster! The door was left slightly open overnight which resulted in everything defrosting and water all over the floor! You can guess how happy I was that morning 😦

So we ended up chucking a lot of food out that day and as I went through the drawers I was amazed by what I found! All sorts of odds and ends were lurking at the back and I had no idea they were there! On Saturday I spent the afternoon properly defrosting and cleaning the freezer so that I could shop again for freezer staples on Sunday morning.

I stocked up on frozen veggies, frozen fruits (great for smoothies or breakfasts!), bagels (easy to toast from the freezer), fish, chicken and ice cream! It cost a small fortune but at least my freezer is now full of nutritious and usable foods that I can use to create quick but yummy meals!

From next week I plan to do some batch cooking and freeze portions of some of our favourites like chilli and soups so we can have yummy home-made meals on days that I don’t have time to cook!

What staples do you always keep in your freezer?


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