Working Wednesday

Sorry for the unplanned absence this week. I’ve been really busy since Sunday never quite found the time or energy to get online. Consequently my Google Reader has shot back up over 100 and I need to crack on and make a dent in that!

My week so far…Sunday was spent with family and we had a great day which included a brilliant roast dinner. I started the day with a light breakfast


Leftover smoothie from Saturday morning. I’ve never tried keeping homemade smoothies in the fridge before (thanks to Angela for confirming on Twitter that it would keep ok!).

Monday was back to work and I was super organised with my food….


DSC02166 Greek Yogurt, strawberries, raspberries, Special K and Cinnamon squares.


DSC02164 Leftover Tomato, Blue Cheese and Quorn Pasta from Friday


DSC02169Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, 2 small sausage rolls and a small slice of coffee cake (the last two were sent home with us from my in laws at the weekend & need eating up!)

I took pretty much the same on Tuesday and today too (with a tuna sandwich instead of the leftover pasta for lunch).

Straight from work I headed out into town where we met with some friends for the cinema. We went to see the new Pixar film – Up – in 3D. I loved the film (as with all the Pixar movies) but be warned it’s a really emotional film. I was in tears in a few places! But it also has some big laughs too and some really funny characters. This was the first time I had seen a film in 3D (except for some shorts at theme parks) and I was quite surprised at how good it was!

This weekend we are staying with my parents for the weekend in Kent which I am really excited about!


One response to “Working Wednesday

  1. I love Pixar films!

    Taking time away from blogging is a very necessary part of normal life, lol!

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