Eggs for breakfast

So I guessed right last night… there was alcohol on the way. Hubby and I shared this bottle of Cornish Orchard Organic Cider that we picked up at the Cider tasting.  DSC02154

My portion was just over 200mls which was enough for me – this stuff was strong but tasty! Hubby suggested we pair it with a sample of these chocolate chip cookies that my in-laws brought us back from Yorkshire.


I had 2, with my drink while we watched Benidorm and Peep Show. I think these have to be some of the funniest shows on tv!

This morning started early with a fab weekend breakfast. I had 2 eggs scrambled with a little skimmed milk, salt & pepper. I served this on top of a leftover bread roll from hubbies lunches this week which I toasted under the grill – it worked really well! On the side I had a mango smoothie which I made with frozen mango, frozen banana, skimmed milk, a little greek yogurt and a splash of honey. I was hoping to come up with a smoothie recipe that the hubby would like as I really want to encourage him to eat more fruit.

DSC02156 But guess what – it didn’t work 😦 Apparently the smoothie had a strange aftertaste that he couldn’t get past. I loved it though. While blitzing it up I hadn’t put enough liquid in and it started to turn into a sort of mango/banana soft serve which is an awesome idea! I’ll try that again for a desert, but for breakfast today I needed a drink so added more milk to get a smoothie consistency.

This mornings project was more wedding thank you cards. Look at the state of my kitchen table while I worked!


To keep me going I had another half glass of the smoothie left over from breakfast. In fact, there is another glass full in the fridge which may make an appearance tonight or tomorrow (I got my measurements completely wrong!). I’ve never made smoothies and kept them in the fridge so I’ll be interested to see how it tastes after a day. Does anyone know if it will be ok?DSC02158

I managed to get another 6 written including 2 of the hardest ones, my parents in-law and sister-in-law (a bridesmaid). It was so hard to say all I wanted to in one card! Just about 30 to go now! 🙂

Then we made a start on one of the items from my to-do list – clearing out the ‘wedding paperwork drawer’. This was where all leaflets, magazine cut-outs, ideas, samples and booking information made its way to. It used to be organised and tidy but in the last couple of months leading up to the wedding it went downhill! We managed to get rid of a mountain of papers and leaflets for recycling and now have an almost empty drawer – success!

To celebrate we decided to settle down and watch Fringe with a cuppa before heading off to the Rugby match. Mind blowing episode – does anyone else watch? I had this Pukka tea – cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.


Then it was time to head off to the rugby. As hubby’s company sponsors some players we got treated to a 3 course meal before the match. It was ok but not great – soup, lamb rump with sweet potato mash and veggies, and a chocolate and raspberry tart.

Just arrived home (the less said about the match the better – although we did win!) and settled down write/read blogs. No plans for this evening except tv and ironing! Its the first live show of X-factor tonight and Harry Hill is back too – gosh I sound tv obsessed!

If you’re lucky you may even see a quick snack idea from me later – watch this space!


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