Economy Gastronomy Inspiration

Has anyone been watching the BBC2 show Economy Gastronomy? Over 6 weeks 2 chefs helped families to dramatically reduce their food spend and at the same time to improve their eating habits. The families were encouraged to follow some basic rules:

  • Menu planning
  • Writing a shopping list
  • Using up leftovers
  • Using up anything about to go out of date
  • Cooking meals from store cupboard staples

We watched and enjoyed the show and got some good tips. In fact we liked it so much we bought the recipe book!


This is very similar to the food philosophy that I try to live by, getting the most from good ingredients and not wasting anything!

As there is not much in the fridge at the moment and I didn’t want to go shopping again yet (still on my Grocery Challenge) I decided to look for inspiration in the book and found a store cupboard meal that sounded right up our street!

Economy Gastronomy Norwegian Fish Pie

Despite the name, this is more of a tuna pasta bake than a pie. I made some substitutions to the recipe to make it healthier and based on what we had in the house.

Changes I made:

  • Semi skimmed milk
  • Left out the caraway seeds (I don’t have any!)
  • Low fat cream cheese
  • Used red onion in place of white
  • Left off the anchovies
  • Added diced red pepper

This was the result!

DSC02137 DSC02139It was really tasty although next time I would fry off the pepper and onion to soften it a bit. The flavour was fantastic and even better we have 1/2 left over for dinner tomorrow!

As I was cooking this I noticed that there was a selection of veg at the bottom of the fridge heading past its best. So in true Economy Gastronomy style I decided to turn it into a soup!


DSC02134 Potato, carrots, peppers, red onion


DSC02135A large bowl full of flavour!

I will package this up and take it for lunch tomorrow. What a great use of something that would normally have got wasted!

Wedding Photo’s of the Day

JG-015 JG-014

I loved having my hair curly and my hairdresser did an amazing job of colouring and styling my hair. Love this tiara – it really made me feel like a princess! 🙂


2 responses to “Economy Gastronomy Inspiration

  1. traynharder23

    love the hair! =D that tiara looks gorgeous!

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