Local Cider Decider!

Evening! We’ve just come back from…


The Cider Decider at Darts Farm, a massive farm shop & shopping complex just outside Exeter. Hubby and I met up at home briefly after work to get changed and head off to this event!


There was a huge marquee set up in the grounds filled with local cider producers. Cider is a Westcountry tradition and is really becoming popular again in the UK.


The atmosphere was great with tables set out in the middle, straw bales around the edge and some music too!


We headed straight for our first sample – a warm mulled cider with spices and bitters. It was delicious and would be really comforting on a cold night!


We were hungry and it was about dinner time so when we saw the food offering we couldn’t resist!


A Hog Roast – Hot roast pork, apple sauce, stuffing and crackling in a bread bap. Yummy 🙂 I love eating great local food like this! We thought about having a hog roast at our wedding – its quite a popular idea at the moment and this almost made me wish we had!  DSC02122

This was followed up by a couple of the hubby’s hot crispy chips from the fish shed.  DSC02129

Washed down with a few more un-pictured samples!

We bought some of our favourites home with us…..

DSC02132The bottle on the left is a ‘blush’ cider which is apple cider mixed with raspberry juice to give a yummy summery drink. The rest are apple ciders of various types.

This was a really fun way to spend a couple of hours and I enjoyed being out with the husband. Now that we aren’t planning a wedding we have so much time on our hands for fun things like this!

Wedding Photo of the Day!


I loved my butterfly cake! I had layers of fruit cake, chocolate sponge and vanilla sponge – yummy! The cake was a dramatic centrepiece in the dining room! 🙂


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