Dare to dream

Gosh there are a lot of exciting developments in the blog world at the moment! I’ve just been catching up on my Google Reader and have seen some great news for a couple of my favourite bloggers! Firstly Jenna’s new job and a move to California this weekend! And secondly Caitlin’s fab news that she has given up her job as she has been commissioned to write a book based on Operation Beautiful! Congratulations girls – I can’t wait to read about your adventures!

When you see developments in other peoples lives it makes you think about your own life. Although I have obviously ticked one major box in my personal life by getting married, there are other areas that I need to work on such as work life. When I hear about people being paid to write, it gives me a pang of jealousy 😦 I would love to be in a position where I was being paid to write. Now I have a little more time on my hands I would like to develop my writing online and see where that might take me!

Still, back to today! It was a quiet day at work – I have a team of 3 people working on a project I am running, but today 2 of them were out of the office so that makes the day go slowly. I am so looking forward to the weekend! The high of the first few days back at work is wearing off and I just feel really tired. Tonight will be a nice quiet night at home catching up on yet more tv! Planning to watch the second part of the Heroes season opener tonight. Lets hope its a little better than the first!

Dinner for tonight was the Lamb kebabs I bought last night with lemon couscous from the cupboard and the leftover peperonata from last night.

DSC02119  DSC02116

We served dinner with a glass of this sparking Rose Cider.


I really enjoyed a glass of this with dinner. The flavour was really fruity and light. A perfect accompaniment to food!

In blog news, I’m planning another giveaway soon, just as soon as I come up with a suitably fabulous prize so keep watching this space….

Todays Food

Food Units
breakfast – chocolate chip brioche (oops!)  
tea and an apple  
lunch – 2 mini sausages sliced in a roll (leftovers from last night!)  
2 oreo cookies and a cup of tea  
minted lamb kebabs, couscous and leftover pepperonata  
small scoop low fat vanilla carte d’or icecream 🙂  
Total: N/A

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


Wedding Picture of the Day

JG-296 This is one of my favourites as I love that we are looking right at each other. As we were walking along we were talking about how well everything had gone and it was our first chance for reflection.


One response to “Dare to dream

  1. Beautiful photo! Where have you been?? I had checked your blog a few times and always saw the Operation Glow post hehe. You looked so wonderful on your wedding day. I want to see more pics! 🙂

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