Routines & Peperonata Recipe

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am so glad to be back home and back at work after the wedding! By last weekend I was really craving my routine and some really good home cooked meals! Don’t get me wrong – I had a fab time while I was off, with the wedding and then Honeymoon which were both amazing but at the same time I needed to get back to my real life and get on with settling into married life.

I find routine settling and comforting, and I think most other people do too. Whenever my routine is disrupted I find that things like food and exercise go out the window. Is that just me? I know that when I come home from work I have a quick computer break and then get on with dinner. And I used to know that Tues/Thurs and Sat were Gym days (hmm I need to relearn this I think!). But when the whole day/weekend is free in front of me I struggle to get done what I want to. Last week when we were back from honeymoon we weren’t getting dressed until 10am and that is a nightmare for me… I always feel like I’ve lost half the day by that point! So setting the work day alarm this week has been strangely comforting.

I’ve started changing my name with some of the companies I deal with but it is proving to be a very slow process. One of my banks is done, my passport was updated ready for honeymoon and I have informed work too. I have the driving licence form on my desk to do this week. I also have to send off some vouchers to John Lewis to use for the last few items on our gift list.

Dinner tonight was inspired by a dive into the freezer! My search through the freezer yielded a pack of uneaten thin pork sausages left over from when I had my niece to stay in the summer. A glance through the fridge revealed a surplus of peppers so Peperonata with Sausages was created!

Peperonata with Sausages

Peperonata is an Italian dish of stewed peppers and tomatoes which works well as a side dish to grilled meats and sausages.



  • 1 red onion, sliced
  • 2 peppers, sliced (I used one red and one yellow)
  • 4 large tomatoes, peeled and chopped
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Basil


  • Melt some butter in a pan with some olive oil. Add the onions and sweat until soft
  • Add the peppers and cover with a lid for 7 minutes
  • Add the chopped tomatoes and crushed garlic and simmer for 8 minutes with the lid on, followed by 5 minutes with the lid off
  • Stir in torn basil leaves

I served this with grilled sausages and some potato wedges.DSC02111



Grocery Spending Challenge

After dinner I had to pop to the supermarket and spent the first of this months budget. I spent £8.50 on bread, sunflower oil spray, mayonnaise, creme fraiche and some kebabs for tea tomorrow. I managed not to get distracted and only bought items from my list. So far so good!! 🙂

Todays Food! 🙂

A quick peek at what I have eaten today….

Food Units
breakfast – bacon roll and cup of tea #tep  
baked walkers crisps (mango & chilli – yum!)  
lunch – chicken & bacon pasta salad, grapes  
mid afternoon skinny vanilla latte, granola bar and apple  
dinner – sausages, peperonata and potato wedges  
Total: N/A

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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