Grocery Spending Challenge

One of my favourite motivational tools is targets and challenges! So to get me back into the swing of things, I have decided to do a grocery spending challenge for this month. I have a freezer full of food (not all healthy I should add!) which needs clearing and I also want to keep my spending down this month. We had to put a number of wedding expenses on a credit card in the last 6 weeks as the savings were slightly short (not too much – don’t worry!) and I am keen to clear them off as soon as possible!

The Challenge:

To keep to a budget of £180 for this months grocery shopping

Not sure whether that will sound like a lot or not a lot to you guys but it’s a reduction for us! This should be achievable as we have a lot of food in the cupboards and freezer.

I should warn you that this may mean that you see some slightly odd combinations of food over the next few weeks 🙂

I’ll blog to let you know how much I am spending when I shop and what I buy. I’ll aim to incorporate some of the less healthy items into healthier meals and hopefully by the end I will have a lot more room in the cupboards and freezer!

My month runs from 21st September to 20th October (based on my pay day) and today is day 2 with no spends – yay!!

Todays eats…. (courtesy of the cool Tweet Eat Post feature created by Roni)

breakfast – grilled bacon roll #tep
apple and cup of tea #tep
lunch – chicken and bacon pasta salad grapes #tep
granola bar and cup of tea #tep
dinner – grilled pork steak, cubed potatoes, green beans and tbsp cauliflower cheese
evening snack – another cup of tea and a cookie – yummy

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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