Operation Wedding Glow – Day 2

We met with our photographers last night at the wedding venue to show them around and discuss our pictures. We have 2 photographers, Karen & James, and they had loads of fab ideas for our pictures on the day. Our venue is a beautiful old house with some lovely gardens and inside the pictures will be just as great! There are cute window seats, staircases and nooks which will give us some really interesting shots!

We do have one issue left to resolve as the band and venue have differing views on where the band should set up. There are two possibilities for location of the band and dance floor but the venue prefers one and the band prefers the other. I actually would prefer the one that the venue wants but the band says they wouldn’t have time to set up there and start the dancing for 8pm. Arghh! The owner of the venue has offered to speak to the band for me and try to persuade them to change so at least I don’t need to worry about it (yet!).

Last night was such a rush that I never got to have my green monster 😦 Hopefully tonight!

My cold is still here. I feel a little better in myself, and my head is less cotton wool but my nose is blocked and I have a nasty cough too. I actually decided to sleep in the spare room last night as I am afraid of giving Gareth the bug so close to the wedding 😦

So day 2 of Operation Wedding Glow is…

  • 200ml orange juice with breakfast
  • Cold & Flu tablets
  • More vitamin C
  • A green monster (will definitely fit this in today)
  • Shower tonight (to clear my sinuses before bed) and use my new Body Shop body scrub.

Again, not sure about food today. I started with porridge (with a little too much brown sugar on top) and have also had a granola bar. Went for soup at lunch to help my throat and not a clue about dinner!

On the agenda for the evenings this week are some wedding related craft projects… if you’re lucky I might give you a sneak peek!


One response to “Operation Wedding Glow – Day 2

  1. Are you married yet?!! I can’t wait to see photos!

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