The weekend starts here

Its Friday!! Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. I juts had one of those days when stresses of the wedding seemed to catch up with me. I found out I have to go on an all day course at work next Wednesday and it doesn’t finish until 5.30. Well I had an appointment booked with the florist for 4.30 so that has now got to be changed. I couldn’t get hold of her yesterday so I sent her an email asking to change the appointment. No reply so far and I don’t want to ring her today as she will be busy getting ready for tomorrows weddings. I’ll give her a call tomorrow afternoon and see what I can do. I was also asked to go on a two night trip to London with work to meet with another department and visit a contractor. I usually enjoy these trips as I love London and they are usually a lot of fun! The timing on this one could be better but maybe I will appreciate a few days off from wedding planning!

My eats yesterday are best not talked about! Lets just say the drive-through window of a popular fast food restaurant was involved – eek! Never mind, a new day is a new start!

So this weekend I am going away. I’m off to Ashford for a weekend to stay with my mum and dad. As you may suspect, this close to the wedding there must be wedding business to attend to while we are there! And you’d be right. Tomorrow we have an appointment to get my sisters bridesmaid dress altered and my niece’s flower girl dress shortened. Hopefully these fittings will go without a hitch and the alterations will be fairly simple!

We also need to finalise the reading that my mum will be giving during our ceremony. H2Bs mum has already chosen hers and we have to get them ok’d by the Registrar at our 1 month appointment on Monday! I can’t believe its coming round so quickly!

I don’t think I’ll get a chance to blog while I am there so I’ll grab lots of pics and give you a recap post on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!


One response to “The weekend starts here

  1. Have a great time, I hope the fittings & searches go well!

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