Surviving Monday

Am I the only one who finds Mondays so painful?? From the moment the alarm goes off until the moment I finish work I find it the hardest day of the week. Saturday feels so far away! 😦

This morning I craved a cold breakfast so settled on cereal & milk. Special K and semi skimmed (that was all they had in the canteen at work) plus a tea. This kept me surprisingly full and I lasted until 11.30 before I needed a snack. For my packed lunch I had a tuna, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce sandwich on granary. It was so tasty – I love sweet chilli sauce with anything!

The weather was surprisingly hot today and by the time I got home I was really warm. I really fancied iced tea so I made a jug as soon as I walked in the door.

Iced Tea:

DSC00906I add 4-6 teabags to a large jug of water from the kettle and allow to infuse for 6 minutes.

DSC00907Today I chose Rooibos Vanilla teabags and used 5 in the jug (the number of teabags depends on how strong you want the tea).

DSC00908Once the tea has brewed, allow the drink to cool and then refrigerate. Serve over ice for a cool, refreshing drink!

DSC00912The vanilla rooibos made a really tasty smooth, slightly sweet tea. I’m sipping this drink while I blog and it is delicious!

For dinner tonight we made an old favouite – parmesan & pancetta chicken. I had mine with leftover couscous from last night and a little of H2Bs pasta (you can’t see it in the pic but the portions of pasta and couscous are small!). On the side we had some wilted spinach.

DSC00909Wow, the flavours in this were amazing! The salty, cirspy pancetta was so delicious.

Just spent a couple of hours on wedding tasks – filling in forms and writing cheques! What fun 🙂


One response to “Surviving Monday

  1. Growing up we had ice tea like that every night 🙂 My dad still drinks it by the gallon. I haven’t found too many British people who drink it though! Just further evidence that you have good taste 😉

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