Turning over a new leaf and a Giveaway!

Mondays are a great day to start fresh and today is no exception! My June challenge starts in style today. 

Challenge Rules: 

These rules are to be lived by until June 30th, that’s 23 days, hopefully long enough to make some habits (and break some too!). 

Rule 1: Do not buy food or drinks at work. I have been getting lazier lately about making and taking food to work. I like to have breakfast, lunch and snacks at the office so I need to be organised in the mornings! The only exception is that on mornings where I have a smoothie for brekkie I may choose to buy one slice of granary toast to eat with it (costing 14 pence!)

Rule 2: Drink a Green Monster every day. Since my first green monster on Saturday I am hooked and have had them three days in a row. This morning I impressed myself by being organised enough to make one to take to work for breakfast! GM are the future!!

Rule 3: No Chocolate. I am a bit of a chocoholic and I want to prove to myself that I can live without chocolate for a few weeks. Yes, that does include chocolate cake!

Rule 4: Exercise 5 days per week. What is the point of a gym membership if I don’t use it? I would like to give running a try this month (well jogging – I’ll start slowly!).

Rule 5: No mindless spending. This is a painful one and is motivated by the amount of money we managed to fritter away this weekend. It has to stop!

Rule 6: Get out of bed on time (!). In order to have time to make healthy exciting lunches and prepare a GM in the morning we have changed our morning routine. I now get up before H2B so that I can be doing my hair while he showers and we are both ready to head down to the kitchen together.

Rule 7: Try 2 new recipes per week. I have so many recipes and ideas bookmarked and I need to try some out. I find it also helps to keep our diet healthy if we have variety. 

So there we have it, sounds simple huh? I’m sure that in practice it will provide some challenges but that’s all part of the fun. 

So back to today: I followed Rule 6 and was in the shower by 6.30 and down in the kitchen by 7.10am – unheard of for me! I loved having all this extra time to get organised and it meant I left for work quite relaxed and not in a mad rush! I made a basic GM (Alpro soya milk, banana, spinach and ice) which I poured into a travel cup to take to work. I sipped it slowly at my desk and followed it with a slice of granary toast with spread. I was amazed that this kept me full til gone midday and I had so much more energy and concentration! I can’t believe how good I feel after just a couple of days.

For dinner tonight I followed Rule 7 and cooked a new recipe! I made Leah’s Bean Burgers. I saw these a couple of weeks ago and have been thinking about them ever since! I followed Leah’s recipe to the letter and it turned out great. The burgers were crispy on the outside but soft on the inside and the flavours were great. Thanks Leah 🙂

Here they are before they went in the pan…..

DSC00639And on the plate….


As you can see I forgot to take the photo before I started eating!! I had 2 burgers with a wholemeal pitta, coleslaw, potato salad and salad.

To finish my first challenge day I headed to the gym and had a great workout. I spent 45 minutes on the treadmill and burned 300 calories. As I said before, I want to start running and today I combined walking and jogging.

0-7.5 minutes – walking (5.8 speed, incline 3.5)

7.5 – 10 minutes – jogging (7.0 speed, incline 1.5)

and I repeated the cycle each 10 minutes. By the end I had jogged for 10 whole minutes!!! Go me!! 🙂 I am so pleased with how today had gone!


As a thank you to all my loyal readers and a welcome to any new ones I have decided to hold a giveaway. I have put together a selection of my favourite UK bars as a prize. 


To enter, leave a comment below telling me your favourite healthy meal and for a bonus entry post a link to the comp on your blog (please email me the link to ensure you get your second entry). The comp will be open until Sunday 14th June when I will pick the winner 

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world!! So get commenting!! 

Thanks for reading!!


16 responses to “Turning over a new leaf and a Giveaway!

  1. I tried drinking GM’s everyday but they make me so cold! lol. I wanna win those bars! I’ve never had bars from the UK before! My favorite healthy meal is actually a peanut butter sandwich made with whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter, and banana!

  2. Love the give away! So glad you liked the ‘burger’ recipe as well.

    My fav healthy meal?? I’d have to say a HUGE with loads of different ingredients.

    Or if i’m looking for something warmer, i’d go for some oats or a nice bowl of vegetable soup.

    I’ll link back in my next post!

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  4. ^ lol that should say “a huge salad!!”…

    Here is the link to my post:

  5. All my favourite meals seem to be breakfast related. You can’t beat a bowl of museli with fresh berries on top. Or porridge/oatmeal with nuts, dried fruit and a little bit of honey. Salads are fab too.

  6. PS – I have family in Devon and absolutely love it down there. Where abouts do you live?

  7. I love walking/jogging sessions…it makes the time go by really fast!
    Yay for a UK giveaway! My favorite healthy meal is ANY kind of homemade stir-fry…tons of veggies, some shrimp, brown rice….heaven!

  8. renee johnson

    I love having my own version of GM I add flax seed, kyo-green, spirulina along with kale (sans stems), almond butter (which sweetens it), frozen mango and blueberries. It gets my day off to a good start.
    I love crepes. Put anything in them and they are a favorite meal.
    I love sushi too. I’ve been making nori rolls at home with brown rice, umeboshi plum, cucumber, seaweed sprinkles and any leftover fish or veggies and garlic red pepper miso from fall river. Just one of these rolls fills me up for the afternoon.
    I know I’m all over the map.

  9. I have meals depending on the mealtime. Brekkie: oatmeal with yogurt, PB and banana or blueberries.

    Lunch: salads!

    Dinner: oh man this is tough. I usually go for another salad with another range of ingredients, but I’m gonna say my bf’s homemade turkey burgers.
    And chocolate to follow =)

  10. Oh and I love the UK bars! I was in London two weeks ago (second time in five years) but this time I discovered the bars and devoured them soon after returning home.

  11. Popped over from Jenna’s blog. My favorite healthy meal is a large vegetable salad with Annie’s Goddess dressing and a nice piece of whole grain bread. Yum!

    I’ve never had UK bars. Would be nice to try them. Thanks for the contest.

  12. I love a hot bowl of oatmeal with sliced fruit. Delicious!

  13. The burgers look great! I love wholemeal wraps stuffed with spinach, cottage cheese and houmous.

  14. I would love to try some UK bars, they all look awesome! My favorite healthy meal would have to be stuffed peppers. I stuff mine with couscous, roasted veggies, and turkey. Yum! Thanks for the opportunity.

  15. (i love bars)

    anyhoo, healthy meal for me:

    steamed fish with ginger and soy sauce
    blanched veggies with sesame oil and maybe oyster sauce
    steamed jasmine rice!

    yum yum (im asian, that’s why)


    katch05 at gmail dot com

  16. WOW, those bean burgers look so delicous. I printed the recipe & am going to make them (this might be one of my “new” faves)! In the meantime, my favorite healthy meals are the simple ones; but as a splurge, I really get excited about sushi.

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