Salmon for Supper

Happy Thursday everyone! I am so excited that the weekend is nearly here. I am still feeling tired from last weekend and a late night last night didn’t help 😦

The H2B played Poker last night and didn’t get home til around midnight which is late for us for a weeknight. I stayed up reading blogs on the laptop and waiting for him to come home. I like having time to myself now and then but there is something about getting into bed alone that I don’t like. The bed feels so big and empty without my fella in there too!

Of course when he came in he was wide awake and keen to tell me all about his evening. He and his friends catch up every couple of months for a poker night where they all put in £10 and have a certain number of chips to play with. The winner and second place share the cash prize. Sadly my guy didn’t win any dosh this time but he had a blast and only spent a tenner – bargain! 🙂

I also updated him on all the tasks I had completed through the evening but as I got to the end I realised I was falling asleep so headed upstairs. As he was out last night I taped the semi final of The Apprentice for us to watch tonight but I have already heard who made the final 😦 Its almost impossible to keep away from news like that as half the office was talking about it!


I seem to have forgotten how to make my breakfast in the morning and all too often have resorted to a bacon sandwich at work. My challenge for the rest of the month is to make breakfast every morning for myself to take to work. Part of the challenge is getting some variety into it. I love my cereal/yogurt combos but would rather not have that everyday. I will have to dig out some recipes for savoury muffins and other portable breakfast ideas to try. Keep your eyes pealed and you may even see me attempt my first green monster! I’m not sure whether a drink would keep me satisfied til lunchtime or not but I will have to see. Any tips for beginner combinations?

One of the major disadvantages to working in a large office like mine is that there always seems to be cake around! Today was a friends birthday and I have had a full on buffet staring at me all day, full of pastries and cakes. I have managed to resist mostly, just grabbing a small handful of grapes and strawberries to tide me over, accompanied by a teeny mini muffin (well it would be rude not to!).

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday, cheesey baguette, turkey, low cal mayo, and salad (excuse the photo, H2B didn’t bother to clear the board down first!)


Followed by a small handful of yogurt coated raisins.

I also sampled these No Junk ginger biscuits this afternoon. Aren’t they cute??


I know they are for kiddies but hey what can I say, I’m just a big kid! Take a look at the ingredients


I really enjoyed these with a cup of tea 🙂 They tasted like a cross between a biscuit and a cracker as they weren’t very sweet. I think they would have been quite dry on their own but good with a brew! The ginger taste was quite strong and left quite a warm ginger spice taste.

Today is polling day in the European Parliament elections so after tea we will head over to our local school to vote. I think the results could be very interesting as there is a lot of anger at the moment against our politicians over expenses scandals and turnout is expected to be low.


Dinner – Salmon Stirfry

For dinner I made a quick salmon stir fry. Here are the ingredients: Cubed salmon fillet, red pepper, mangetout, baby corn, sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, wholewheat noodles and Food Doctor mixed seeds.


I added the cubed salmon to a hot wok with some soy sauce and a little spray oil and stirfried until the outsides had coloured.

Then I removed the salmon from the pan and added the veggies – peppers, mangetout and baby corn and stirfried for 4 minutes. Meanwhile the wholewheat noodles were boiling and when cooked I chucked everything back in the pan for a minute with some more soy and sweet chilli sauce and it was ready to serve with a sprinkle of food doctor seeds for crunch!


Wow this was good! I usually go for chicken in a stir fry but the salmon was amazing. While we ate we caught up on The Apprentice. What a great show and it had a couple of surprises too. For any fans don’t forget that the final in on Sunday.

After my meal I snacked on a few chocolates for dessert


The dark circles are Dark Chocolate Mint Puddles and the tiny ones are Chocolate Gemstones from Hotel Chocolat. Off to do some more blog reading now. Thank goodness its Friday tomorrow. Have a great day 🙂


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  1. just saw your post on ‘Oh She Glows’ so thought I’d stop by and say ‘hello’- always great to find another UK blogger! Look forward to reading more about you 🙂

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