Short but sweet

Just a quick post today. We are going away on Friday for the weekend and I have spent half the evening ironing ready for the weekend. I won’t get a chance to post from Friday to Monday but I will take lots of pics and will do a mammoth post when I get home!

So back to today:

Breakfast – 


M&S strawberry yogurt, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cereal. When I got to work I combined the whole lot in the bowl and mixed it all together. It made a nice change from the greek yogurt I have been eating recently and I enjoyed the change of flavour. This was very successful at keeping me satisfied. I had a latte in my meeting at 11 and didn’t eat again until 1pm. 

I had left over chicken in my sandwich today – I love leftovers!

DSC00220Chicken, lettuce, cucumber and mayonnaise on multigrain bread. I followed this with a leftover cereal bar which I found in the back of my desk drawer


I managed to get invited to another meeting in the afternoon which had coffee provided so another latte – I’m all coffee-ed out!!

For some reason my dinner pics didn’t come out but I had macaroni cheese. After a mountain of ironing I treated myself to another Alpro Soya Dessert


This time vanilla. It was sweet and smooth with a nice vanilla flavour. I think I preferred the chocolate from last night but I did enjoy this too. Just finished watching The Apprentice – I love the shopping channel task, its so funny!

Have a good evening 🙂


2 responses to “Short but sweet

  1. Oh my, I am so glad we don’t own an iron. Although I think my hubby would be the ironer, as I really suck at it. I hope you have a great weekend!

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