Summer = Summer Fruits

😦 Why is the first day back at work after a Bank Holiday so difficult! Getting out of bed this morning was not a pleasant experience!!

I have seen a few people in the blog world talking about doing a Crap Free Week. I am seriously thinking about doing it as I need a challenge to keep me on the straight and narrow. I am going to give some thought to what guidelines I want to use for the challenge. I think I want to focus on clean eating and ditch the processed foods but I’ll post when I decide in a few days.  Thanks to Lara for the idea! 

Now to food!! 🙂




Good old Total 0%, cereal, honey and some of the mixed berries that I got yesterday, all washed down with a lemon green tea. Yummy 🙂 My favourite thing about summer is the abundance of summer fruits. Expect to see berries featuring more and more through the summer.

My mid morning snack was the apple from this pic. The cherries were eaten with lunch.


Speaking of lunch I had a tuna, lettuce and cucumber sandwich on Morrisons Multiseed bread. Here is a pic of H2B making the sandwich for me this morning! I love that he makes my lunch for me in the mornings as it gives me longer to spend on my hair!!



Mid afternoon I had a small portion of Lemon & Coriander Hummous with breadsticks for dipping. Somehow they missed the camera this morning when I was packing my food 😦

H2B had his guitar lesson after work so I had longer than usual to cook dinner. I decided to do the roast dinner that I had planned for yesterday. This is truly the most delicious meal in the world – Roast Chicken, sausagemeat stuffing balls, new potatoes, roasted bns cubes, carrots and green beans. And of course chicken bisto gravy too!


That was so good and worth all the washing up it created!! 

Just settled down to watch Britains Got Talent and I have a sweet treat to eat.


This is new product for me to try. Dark Chocolate Alpro Soya dessert. It was absolutely delicious. Really thick and creamy with a really strong dark chocolate flavour – yum! Each dessert has 115 calories and 2.8g fat. I wonder sometimes whether I should reduce the amount of dairy in my diet – I think it can have a bad effect on my stomach sometimes and I’ve also seen links to skin problems which I suffer from. I will do some more research on this and may try a dairy free week soon. Anyway, this is a great dairy free treat that I can enjoy. 

For anyone watching Britains Got Talent, what is going on with the couple doing the flower arranging and opera singing???? Bizarre!!! 

Enjoy your evening!


One response to “Summer = Summer Fruits

  1. The roast dinner looks lovely!
    I am defintely keeping my eye out for those Alpro desserts! I have never seen them!
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your CFW. It will be nice to have a buddy 🙂

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