Fabulous Friday!

I am in a good mood today! Reasons to be cheerful:

  • The sun is shining (and its actually warm 🙂 )
  • Dress down day at work (pay a £1 to charity and wear your casual clothes!)
  • Last day of work before a 3 day weekend – I love Bank Holidays

Focusing on the good things really puts me in a positive mood! I will try and do this more often I think 🙂


Thanks for the questions you sent yesterday – keep them coming. There was one quick question though that I wanted to answer right now for Erin and Sandy which was:

What does a stone equal in weight?

Great question! Us Brits tend to deal mainly in stone when talking about body weights but I forget that this isn’t the case in other places. The stone is part of the Imperial system of weights and measures and is primarily only used in the UK.

1 stone = 14lbs or 6.35kg

So my 4 stone weight loss is equivalent to 56lbs or 25.4kg!

Great question ladies, thanks!


I knew I didn’t want to get caught out again with no breakfast so I followed Kaths lead and prepared some overnight oats to take to work which I had with a green tea.

In the mix last night was ½ cup oats and ½ cup soy milk. This morning I added a small sliced banana, 1 chopped dried apricot and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


I didn’t add anything for sweetness as the soy milk wasn’t the unsweetened variety. It was my first taste of this particular soy milk and I found it very creamy tasting (but I am used to skimmed milk normally).

I really enjoyed the mix and found it very filling. A perfect summery breakfast!

Oh and I also managed to avoid a charity cake sale at work today – I donated my 50p instead (even though the cakes looked amazing!) and felt really good about it.

Breakfast kept me full until around 11.40 so I had two caramel flavour rice cake thins which held me until 1pm.

Lunch was two small wholemeal rolls with turkey, sweet chilli sauce and lettuce. The afternoon flew by with meetings so I didn’t even think about food until I got home at 4.30. I had a small piece of dark chocolate to hold me over til dinner.

Lidl Dark Chocolate

OH was very late home tonight due to a last minute crisis at work so we abandoned our plans and decided to have an Indian takeaway to celebrate payday. I ordered two starters, Chicken Tikka pieces and Tandoori King Prawns and shared some rice and bread with him.


Sorry for the poor picture, I should have thought that red food on a red plate wasn’t a great idea! Also on the plate you can see tandoori sauce, mint sauce and a spoonful of sauce from his Chicken Makhani. I went back for seconds after this. I love the sweet onions that you get on Chicken Tikka! Any yes, the Becks is mine too 🙂

Thats me done for the day. Nicely full and contented 🙂



Check out Zestys blog for a chance to win a Zesty Blog Makeover! I would love this prize!!

Also check Whats For Dinner and KathEats for a chance to win a cool blogging charm necklace! They are so cute!

Have a good Friday night everyone!


2 responses to “Fabulous Friday!

  1. runeatrepeat

    I see you referenced Intuitive Eating in the last post. I know it’s tough! I’m glad others are listening to their bodies too, it helps to read how other people deal with it 🙂

  2. I still struggle with the stone/pound conversion…I always have a calculator handy now! Way to go on that weight loss…it seems even more awesome when I think of it in pounds!

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