Journey to the Bottom of the Freezer – Episode 1

After last nights post I indulged in a little sweet treat! I had a baby portion of Jamaican Ginger Cake warmed in the microwave with a spoonful of custard.


Notice that this was a small portion (the spoon is just a teaspoon) but it was just enough to feel content without blowing the calories! I had that and a cup of tea while watching a documentary about the funniest sitcom ever on Gold – Fawlty Towers. There were so many funny clips that had us in stitches all night!

What is your favourite classic tv comedy?


Today I made a pact with myself not to spend any money at work on food or drinks and I managed it!



Yogurt, honey and cereal at my desk. As usual I had this with a Green Tea with Lemon.

I took a selection of food to eat today, all fresh and healthy


Mid morning snack – Baby banana

Lunch – tuna and lettuce 1/2 baguette with cucumber slices plus a small handful of yogurt coated raisins/sunflower seeds (not pictured)

Mid afternoon snack – Apple

When I got home from work I had a light Baby Bel to keep me going until dinner


We sat down yesterday to make our meal plan for the week. I get paid at the end of this week and our bank account is looking very bare so we realised we needed to spend as little as possible on food (and everything else!) this week.

Therefore I introduce to you…….

Journey to the Bottom of the Freezer πŸ™‚

We have plenty of food in the house to last us the week but it will involve being a little creative with the supplies we have so watch out for some odd combinations! I have no idea what the meals will look like by the end of the week!



Birds Eye Salmon Fish Fingers – bought on offer a couple of months ago and sat in the freezer ever since!


Served with the last potato croquettes and the end of a bag of peas and a bag of green beans with a spoonful of tartare sauce to finish it off! The Salmon fish fingers were quite tasty with a nice crispy coating. Yum yum!

Tonight we are doing some wedding tasks together. I expect I will have a sweet treat later on, maybe involving the Ginger Cake again πŸ™‚

Jo x


6 responses to “Journey to the Bottom of the Freezer – Episode 1

  1. LOL, does Seinfeld count as classic sitcom? Cuz if so, it’s my fav.

    Otherwise, I guess my answer is The Cosby Show.


  2. Nothing wrong with a sweet treat every now and then. So long as you do it in moderation you’re good to go. Don’t feel bad over it. Everyone should have one cheat day a week.

  3. I think we have the same or similar rice bowls! In your dessert photo…I use those bowls for dessert a lot, too!
    Journey to the bottom of the freezer…hehe. I have dinners like that sometimes. How are the salmon fingers? I’ve seen them in the store but never picked them up to read the label. How are the stats/taste? I love seeing new products on blogs that I can actually buy!
    Thanks for the scale advice πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Lara,
      Lol about the rice bowls – I think they came in some sort of set but no idea where from.
      I only bought the salmon fingers cos they were on offer for Β£1 in Tesco when they first came out!! They were tasty, not full of flavour but good enough for a freezer standby and the coating was really crispy. 3 fish fingers has 190 calories and 8g fat (0.9g saturates). Not something I would eat every week but good enough for a quick no fuss meal. I know what you mean about seeing products which you can actually buy – I get very jealous when I read US blogs, they get so much cool stuff over there πŸ™‚

  4. I just got back from Sainsburys and picked some up to try πŸ˜‰

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