Fighting the blues

Sorry for the break from posts over the last couple of days. I have been feeling quite poorly and also quite down emotionally lately and this has affected my motivation for being social and blogging. Any way I am back, still not feeling great but planning to take small positive steps to hopefully pull myself out of this. I periodically suffer from depressive episodes and in the past I have found them quite debilitating so I am conscious now to recognise the warning signs and take preventative actions so keep my moods level (part of the ‘Healthy Balance’ I seek!!).

Anyway, here are some eats from today:

Fruit tea (Blackcurrant – don’t like this one, it tastes too  much like Ribena but I will keep drinking it until its gone!)


Small handful of cereal while tidying up.


Lunch: Sweet Chilli Tuna melt (toasted baguette with tuna mayo, sweet chilli sauce and a tiny bit of grated cheddar), served with Tesco Ready Salted baked crisps and cucumber.


Followed by a small piece of dark chocolate while I blog.


Now, I need to do some jobs this afternoon.

  1. Order bridal shoes to try
  2. Send charity cheque to Anthony Nolan Trust (my work matched £100 of my fundraising – woohoo!)
  3. Email napkin company and ask for more samples!!
  4. Look for wedding table name ideas (as the theme is butteflies I was hoping for something related…. any ideas?)
  5. Tidy my desk
  6. Iron some work clothes

I’ll be back tonight with a dinner post – we have a healthy stir fry planned for tonight.

See you later!

Jo x


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