I can talk to you from work!

I have just been reading about the new ‘Post by Email’ functionality on the WordPress.com blog so I thought I would test it out right away! J

This new feature means that I can blog from anywhere that I can send an email from (including work!) so I thought I would give you a mini update on my morning so far.

Well after being woken up so nicely by the sun yesterday, I had the complete opposite this morning. It is cold, windy and worst of all, wet this morning. In fact looking out the window this morning you would think that it was the middle of winter, not May.

Added to this, I overslept this morning – eek! I just managed to get to work on time but I didn’t have time to get any food ready to take with me L After yesterday when I felt I hadn’t eaten enough in the morning I think I over-compensated and treated myself to a sausage baguette. Not healthy I know, but in my defence….. err I don’t know how to defend myself! I am feeling a little run down at the moment and it gave me the boost I needed after running late.

Today I am trying hard to increase my water intake as I have felt a little water retention lately. So far I am on 750ml by 12.20pm so I’m doing ok. I have just finished an apple which I had as my mid morning snack and am starting to feel ready for lunch now. I will have to buy something in the canteen so I’m thinking either a sandwich or a wrap but I’ll have to see.

I have a couple of meetings this afternoon which should make the rest of the day go fast. I am setting up a new project at work at the moment which is keeping me very busy and giving me lots of challenges which I love J

Ok, I’m about to press send, I hope this works!!

Jo x


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