Quick dinner idea

I’m pleased to see that my email post worked this morning. Its nice to have a way of communicating even when I am not at home!

My day went a little down hill after I posted. For lunch I picked up a tuna mayo, lettuce and cucumber wrap plus a bag of Mini Cheddars. I have been feeling a little poorly all afternoon and just felt like I needed something biscuity so that was what I picked. Its that week of the month for me when all my attempts to eat and live healthily seem to fly out the window. I just feel so emotional at the moment and physically unwell and this combination makes me crave unhealthy snacks.

I suppose I should research this but does anyone have any tips for overcoming the symptoms and feelings of PMS? I am sure there must be some nutirents I should be getting at this time of the month, or certain foods which ease the symptoms. Please comment if you know of anything and I will happily try it!

Unfortunately by 3.30 I was feeling awful and my resolve from earlier in the day was gone. I headed straight for the chocolate machine and ate a bar of chocolate 😦 It gave me the sugar rush I needed to get through to the end of my work day and I headed home a little after 4 and went straight for the sofa. When OH got home at 6 the last thing I felt like doing was cooking but he supported and helped me and we put together this tasty dish.


Bacon, pea and cream cheese pasta


This was inspired by a new product I picked up in Tesco


I have never seen the basil version before so I wanted to try it and stirring into pasta seemed a good option.

Ingredients (serves 2 generously)

  • 160g wholewheat pasta
  • 1/3 tub Philadelphia Light with Basil
  • 2 rashers of bacon
  • Generous handful of frozen peas
  • Tablespoon of skimmed milk
  • Black Pepper
  • Small sprinkle of grated cheddar to serve

Put the pasta on to boil.

Meanwhile cut the bacon into small pieces and fry until almost crispy.

4 minutes before the pasta is ready add the peas to the pan

Drain pasta and peas and add to fried bacon

Stir in the cream cheese and milk until it coats the other ingredients.

Add a generous twist of black pepper.

Serve in warmed bowls, top with a little cheese.


This could be made to serve three if accompanied by a salad but today I just needed the carbs.


I felt a little better after we ate and we caught up on the last episodes of House and Fringe. OMG to both. Big shocks all round and now I can’t wait for the next seasons!

The Apprentice is about to start so I’ll settle down in a moment with this mini tub of Weight Watchers icecream and enjoy!


Jo xx


2 responses to “Quick dinner idea

  1. This is a great dinner idea! I’ve seen that cream cheese at the store but didn’t think to put it with pasta. Have you heard of Eat Honestly cottage cheeses? I’ve found them at Waitrose and Morrisons and they are awesome! They taste just like cream cheese but they have the nutritional stats of cottage cheese. Very low cal and high in protein. They come in smooth styles and have a plain and chive flavor that I have used in pasta before.

  2. Yum! That dinner looks and sounds delicious!

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