Krispy Kreme temptation…

The sun was shining through the blinds this morning at 6.30. Its so much easier to get out of bed on a nice day!

As usual I made breakfast and lunch to take to work. Same again for brekkie:


Yogurt, cereals, blueberries and honey.

I had a meeting at work with a colleague who had travelled down from London and brought with him a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts from Paddington Station. I love those doughnuts and knew I wouldn’t be able to resist so I agreed to share one with a friend. We split the Chocolate Iced Glaze which according to the website is 270 calories so this treat cost me just 135 cals which I was very pleased about. In the past I would have just eaten a whole one (probably cream filled!) and not thought about it. Half was just enough to get a taste and leave me satisfied but not so much that I felt over-full.

I ate a cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch at my desk as I was into another meeting at 1pm, my usual lunch break.

By 3pm when I came out of my meeting I was feeling a little shaky and hungry so I decided to go for a sugar hit. I got a hot chocolate and some ginger biscuits for a treat. I felt much better after this. I think for tomorrow I will try to eat a bit more in the morning to prevent feeling like this.

For dinner I needed to use up eggs and English muffins so decided on ‘breakfast for tea’.


Toasted muffin with a little Flora Buttery spread, 1 scrambled egg, bacon and baked beans!

It was amazing and so quick to chuck together after work. After dinner I spoke to my niece on the phone which was so much fun – she is 3 years old and really growing up. I am seeing her on holiday in a couple of weeks and can’t wait 🙂

I’ll probably grab an apple while I watch TV tonight. Last night I saw the season finale of Brothers & Sisters. It was really good and I liked the way they ended the Tommy story, it was quite emotional. Either 24 or House on the agenda tonight – not sure which way to go yet!

Oh and before I go be sure to check out Beadie’s Cupcake Earring Giveaway where you could win the cutest pair of earrings I have ever seen!

Jo x


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