Reality Check

Ok, so today I have been doing a lot of thinking. I realised last night that there is less than 4 months now until my wedding. Two months ago, when the six month milestone passed I told myself that I would lose another stone, eat a better diet, cut down on the fat in my diet and allow myself to look my best for the day. Since then I haven’t really made any significant changes and I keep putting things off.

Well now is the time to really make the changes. I am running out of time. The thing is that I can really see the difference in the condition of my hair and skin when I eat well. It also helps my energy levels which I think I will need in the run up to the wedding!

This is my action plan:


OH and I have talked and decided that there will be no more greasy takeaways and no more mindless eating in the evenings for the next four months. I will commit to tracking calories and blogging my food intake every day. 

I read something in a magazine a couple of weeks ago which referred to the idea of ‘Clean Eating’ i.e. keeping as close to the natural state of food, not messing about with it, cooking it simply and not adding more fat than is needed. I want to use this concept in my eating for the next couple of months.


I have a gym membership that I haven’t used for about 3 weeks. Why? Laziness and excuses! I will commit to visiting 3 times per week and upping the activity I do in everyday life. I mean things like taking that stairs instead of the lift, walking across the office to speak to people instead of emailing and parking on the opposite side of the carpark to the shops.

Hair and Skincare

Carry out my full skincare regime with no exceptions (however late I get in at night!), regular exfoliation, weekly hair masks and not over straightening my hair.

If I carry out all of these I should see an improvement in my health and appearance just in time for the wedding.

Phew, I am glad to have this off my chest – sorry to make you read all of this! Normal service will be resumed tomorrow!

Jo xx


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