Tuesday already?

What a strange day today has been! The first day back at work after a Bank Holiday always feels odd! I have to keep telling myself that it is Tuesday tho it feels like Monday!

I made my packed brekkie/lunch before I left this morning. I tend to eat my breakfast at work as I arrive there just after 8am. I usually get hungry for it around 9 and try to eat it slowly until about 9.30. That way I stay full for most of the morning. If I eat earlier, or before I go to work I find that no matter what I have I feel hungry again around 9.30. But if I haven’t eaten I don’t feel any hunger pangs until 9ish. Weird huh?

Brekkie today:


75g Fage Total 0%, 30g mix of Tesco Special Flakes and Aldi Cheerios (not sure what they call them!), and 100g melon from yesterday. Also had a green tea with lemon at the same time!

Lunch today was a mixture of leftovers! OH had cooked up these two part baked baguettes yesterday for lunch but I didn’t have any as I was out. Don’t they look yummy fresh out the oven!


I filled mine with leftover tuna with a splash of mayo and black pepper and leftover salad from last night:


I also took some baby carrots with a little houmus dip that I found lurking in the fridge. OMG that houmus was amazing! I have no idea why I haven’t had it for so long! I loved the flavour with the sweet crunchiness of the carrots. I think you will be seeing that snack again! I ate these around 11.45, before my lunch at 1.


Sorry for the blur 😦

This afternoon I had a mini snack of a small handful of yogurt coated raisins and sunflower seeds (not pictured). That kept me going through to dinner.

As I guessed yesterday dinner involved the leftovers of yesterdays quiche. This time with potato croquettes and salad. I added a little dressing to the salad and mayo for the potatoes. Mmmm it was good!


I’ve just got back from the supermarket. You know the story, I needed a couple of bits and came out £25 lighter! I got a new cereal to try so watch out for that later in the week! Also stocked up on veggies, salads, houmus(!), milk and bread. It was just gone 8pm but the shelves were almost empty so I didn’t get much choice of fresh food 😦

OH and I are planning to go and see Star Trek this weekend, maybe Friday, with some friends. I’m looking forward to it – especially excited to see Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg in their roles.

Tonight we have Brothers & Sisters, 24 and House to watch. Don’t think we’ll get through all 3 so I’ll have to pick my favourites….

Jo xx


2 responses to “Tuesday already?

  1. Brothers and Sisters for sure!!!

  2. That baguette looks so delish.

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