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Rain, rain go away…

So today started off really badly when the alarm failed to go off and I opened the curtains to be greeted by pouring rain. I hate rain – especially on a Monday morning! So I was running late and tempted to forget about making a packed lunch & breakfast, but I thought ‘If I do that I’ll have to blog it and that would not look good on my second post!’

And you know what? I am so glad that I did! Breakfast was a new combination for me based on ideas I have picked up from many other blogs:

Total 0% Greek Yogurt (80g) 44 cal

Honey 60 cal

Tesco Special Flakes (25g) 93 cal

Strawberries (1/3 cup) 27 cal

Raspberries (1/3 cup) 22 cal

Total 246 cal

It was delicious. But next time I might have to increase the portion as it didn’t keep me as full as I would like. I would happily add another 100 cal for a filling breakfast. Maybe tomorrow I will add some banana for a bit more bulk!

Today I also found a great new rice cake product that I will use for a product review soon.

My lunch was a yummy chicken salad sandwich with a scrape of low cal mayo and some veggie sticks (pepper, carrot, cucumber and cherry toms).

Dinner tonight needed to be quick and easy – OH went out again at 6.45. I found some fish in the fridge which I baked with healthy homemade fries, green beans and carrots for a fairly healthy version of fish and chips. Oh and a dollop of tartare sauce on the side.

I think I might have some dessert tonight while I watch the new episode of Brothers and Sisters. I’m thinking 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream with some stewed plums (that I made yesterday with plums that wouldn’t ripen and some honey). Feels decadent, but really not too bad.

I’m off to research cameras on the internet as we really need a new one (and I want to experiment with photos on the blog). I am also drafting the information cards to go in my wedding invitations tonight. Off to find maps and images to make it look pro!

Take care

Jo xx



Welcome to the first post of my blog! How exciting!!! 

I don’t like introduction posts (you can read some of my background on my About page) so I will just dive into blogging my days. Feel free to ask any questions you want in the comments.

So today was a chilled out Sunday. Brunch was croissants with jam and coffee with the Sunday papers this morning – blissful! Then I spent a couple of hours pottering around the house catching up on chores. What fun! 

Then off to the supermarket for a mammoth shopping trip as we seemed to be running low on everything. Maybe I’ll start doing some posts to show you some of my favourite products that i buy regularly. Is that the sort of thing people are interested in? Let me know!

Dinner tonight was pork chops (fat removed before cooking) with dry roasted potatoes, carrots, green beans and gravy – yummy.  I don’t have a working digital camera at the moment, but when I do I will play around with photographing some of my meals for you too see. I am sure that the act of showing you all will encourage me to create balanced, healthy meals presented beautifully!

Hope you enjoyed my first post. See you tomorrow!

Jo xx